Blaklader Workwear

The history of Blaklader Workwear 

Blakladers story began over 50 years ago within the Swedish textile industry, Blåkläder (pronounced "Blooklader" in Swedish) has a long and proud history of clothing production, both for the fashion industry and the industrial sector. After over 50 years in the business, Blaklader's family-run company has gained a deep and genuine knowledge of how to produce work clothing.

Blåkläder is a growing company and they plan to continue on that path. their vision is to spread functional workwear over the world. To do that, they need great production resources and perhaps most importantly, full control over producing their own garments. At the very beginining, weaving fabrics to finishing the final stitch on every polo-shirt, t-shirt or pair of work trousers. Blåkläder owns its own factories, so that it guarantees quality and continuity in the long run. Not only in the end products, but also in fields such as working conditions, environmental concern and choice of suppliers.

Blaklader as a clothing brand manufacture an enormous range of products to an increasing number of workers across the globe. Whilst they are known for their functional work trousers such as the superbly created X1500 range and their equally impressive but fashionable X1900 style X1999 stretch trousers, Blaklader also boast a huge variety of styles and colours in their overalls, Hi vis workwear, footwear and flame retardant garments.